Blue Male Juvenile Ambanja Panther chameleon $350 (Ft Lauderdale)


This is a 4 months old blue panther chameleon. I grow it from egg hatchling. lt is well fed, living in only itself cage since 1 month old, and getting upgraded cages every month. lt is starting to show multiple color already, should be more pretty than his sire(photo included in the listing). I have a few more chameleons, I wish this baby will have a home with full attention. Adopt Fee $320.

Current husbandry schedule:
-current cage size 39x15x15inches. * screen cage only, no glass tank or plastic bin.
-cage temperature 77°F-87°F, moisture 60-70%
-reptisun 5.0 T5ho + full spectrum daylight bulb, 9am-8pm
-food everyday at least once, eating small-medium size cricket, discoid roach, xsmall superworm, phoenix worm. (do not feed mealworms). Dust with calcium and vitamin powder.
-misting water at least twice a day and make sure to see it drink.
-daily handling a few minutes, it is ok to be hand held, and I take it out under the sun about 15minutes a day.

Please contact 754 234 seven483 by text/sms, or voice mail. Text will be answer faster, call back might be within a few hours.
Local pick up only, pick up days prefer Saturday and Sunday daytime.


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