ReHoming 1yr Old Fancy Pearl Cockatiel (Pompano)


We are looking to re-home our 1 year old cockatiel. Her name is Chicken.
We purchased Chicken from a reputable local bird shop. She was hand-raised from hatching and as such is friendly and easy to handle. Chicken is very vocal and loves to tweet, whistle (with no rhyme or reason) and call to her flock. Chicken would love a home where she could receive daily human interaction.
Chicken has not been exposed to other feathered-friends, so we do not know if she would do well in a setting with other birds.

As part of rehoming, we would like to speak in detail with any potential adopters as well as coordinate for them to meet Chicken before making a decision to adopt her. While Chicken is unfortunately not a good fit in our home, she is a good bird who will make a lovely and lively companion for someone else. We want to ensure she goes to a safe, loving forever home. We are asking for a re-homing fee (to be discussed with any serious inquiries) and we will include her cage in the adoption process so as to ease her transition to a new home.


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